Thumb Joint Pain Stopped Naturally

Thumb Joint Pain Stopped Naturally

Joint Pain

Over 38,000 people typed in the term “thumb joint pain” last month into Google. These people may not know this condition is called arthralgia but they do know the debelitating pain, inflammation and tenderness. The following conditions may exacerbate this condition:

Autoimmune disorder such as Rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus

There are several options available including anti-inflammatory foods, supplements and herbal remedies all designed to support collagen to rebuild and restore the joints.

Almost everyone who suffers from joint pain is dehydrated from drinking caffeine, alcohol or soda. Ingesting water with salt added may resolve this situation. Drinking Aloe vera juice also helps.

Soaking the thumb in a glass of castor oil may help.

The Best Solution for your Thumb Joint Pain

For centuries, folk remedies have been handed down using solutions with cannabis internally and externally. Today those same ingredients can be found in Blue CBD Oil and Gold CBD Oil to be ingested and applied to the thumb and sore joints.

This oil has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is a safe, potent method of delivery with no side effects. The endocannabidiol system in our body quickly responds to the cannabidiol in the oil and assimilates to provide instant relief.