The state of CBD marketing

The state of CBD marketing

cbd edibles The state of CBD marketing
CBD is the fastest growing industry in the U.S, and there is no slowing down. Production and usage of CBD continue to amaze market analyst and spectators, as new players flood themselves into the CBD rush. One of the many reasons that CBD compounds are highly coveted is due to reports of their therapeutic properties.

CBD in the past
About two decades ago, the best any CBD stakeholder or marketer could dream of was a change in policy for the legalization of CBD. Advertising CBD alone was such a Herculean task; the rules were so stiff and rigid that marketers and consultants gave up hopes on the adverts having desired effects. Some rules in states like Washington were

No form of adverts should be spaced over a thousand feet from recreation centers, playgrounds, parks, libraries, game centers, etc. and any other areas prone to the under-21 age group. In states like Colorado, for example, outdoor advertising was not permitted at all in whatever form.

Furthermore, there were tons of rules regarding merchandising, signage, and other marketing options. Plus the fact that few media for advertising was allowed. CBD marketing consultants had to rely on word of mouth and in-person adverts, which yielded little. In all these, CBD market consultants couldn’t evaluate the market, gauge customers’ needs, and feedback and understand KPI.

CBD now…
The Farm Act of 2014 revised in 2018 has led to a mini-revolution in the CBD industry; the industry has now grown past its bumpy days, but there is still much to be done. With reports on the efficacy of CBD as a therapeutic substance (both wild and proven) going viral, a lot of people have set their sights on CBD as the new ‘Elixir’. The increase in demand for CBD and its consequent decriminalization has led to a high consumption rate which is only bested coming years. As more producers come in, new and creative ways of marketing CBD are increasing.

cbd edibles However, the trend of the early days still hunts; CBD products are still classified as illicit substances on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. and hunts down all forms of adverts relating to CBD. This is becoming suffocating to CBD marketers, as digital marketing has become the biggest and most recognized form of advertisement. Some of the creative ways CBD marketers use in advertising their products include

SEO marketing
This is a cost-effective method, and if used well, pushes your CBD products to “top search engine replies”. It involves using specific keywords that promote your products online.

Content creation
Most CBD marketing consultants sponsor educative articles, posts, or tweets relating to CBD, and encourage CBD related discussions on digital platforms.

marketing consultantInfluencers and affiliate marketing
Companies use social media ‘celebrities’ all the time; to promote and trend their products. These people promote CBD products with their large followers and reactions from their posts. They are also able to direct traffic to third party sites.

Email marketing
Create awareness of CBD products by sending coupons, alerts, and promotions about your CBD products to your subscribers.

There are still many hurdles for modern-day marketing consultants, but the biggest obstacle is the scarcity of content and information about CBD compounds.

Also, while there are ongoing adjustments on advert policies of the big digital platforms, CBD marketers should not overrule other digital platforms, websites, and apps that are willing to invest in CBD promotions. CBD marketing will only get better and the market; bigger.