THC and How it was Discovered

Watch the fascinating documentary of how THC was discovered by Professor Raphael Mechoulam  
Dr. Mechoulam agreed to this filming of his life in order to increase public awareness of the benefits of the compounds and how they could substantially impact the health of the world. When he was a young man, he decided to specialize in the chemistry of the plant, Cannabis Sativa.    It has been used for thousand of years as a medication and a recreational drug.  However the active compounds were never isolated in pure form.  He felt this was a topic of importance and wanted to study it in depth. He realized  no one was working on cannabinoid chemistry.   So, he thought this was a project worth following. It was discovered that the human body has a specific receptor for THC.  It was named the CB1 receptor.  This was a major discovery in the 1980's.  The next obvious question was why were there receptors in the human brain?  The receptors are made for compounds we produce not because there is a plant out there!  There  are compounds in the body which mimic marijuana.   Therefore, he and his team went  looking for  endogenous compound receptors which are compatible with cannabinoids.
The Endocannabinoid system in the human body is now becoming one of the most reserched areas by modern science from many aspects.
This is a most fascinating story from beginning to end.  
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