water soluble cbd

cbd face creamSince cannabidiol or CBD became legalized in 2018, its proponents have claimed that the product offers numerous benefits. From reducing pain and swelling to relieving stress and anxiety, it seems that CBD may be the answer to most every common medical issue. One of the more interesting is the effects that CBD has on the skin. This is why water soluble CBD is now found in topical products such as CBD face cream and gels. Before you rush out to purchase CBD face cream, however, it pays to understand what CBD is, how it interacts with skin cream, and what effects that you might expect from the product.

What is CBD?
Called cannabidiol, CBD should not be confused with THC, the psychotropic compound in marijuana that produces the feeling of being “high”. CBD is found in cannabis and in industrial hemp. When extracted, the product is usually mixed with an oil such as coconut, hemp, or even olive where it can be taken internally or applied as a topical product. Also, there is also water soluble CBD which is not mixed with an oil. The effects of CBD are mild in nature. They usually produce feelings of relaxation, a reduction of stress and anxiety. The physical effects also include reduced inflammation which in turn lowers the pain of certain medical conditions.

Topical CBD
You can apply CBD skin cream just like any other topical product. Because it works with direct contact, you will want to apply the cream over the area of the skin that you wish to treat. This means that if you have a skin condition that might be reduced due to the presence of CBD, then apply it as instructed.

cbd face creamEffects
Acne: Because CBD reduces inflammation, it does help to smooth the skin which is affected. This means that the skin will look less red and feel better upon application. Plus, it does seem to reduce the amount of sebum oil present which also helps in lowering outbreaks. But it should be noted that CBD face cream does not prevent acne.

Sensitivity: For those with sensitive skin, CBD does have a soothing quality that may be appreciated. When included with skin creams that offer additional properties, it can help to reduce the redness and reaction the skin may undergo during the day.

Wrinkles: Thanks to the antioxidant properties, CBD does help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This means that it helps to slow down the aging process of the skin when other measures are taken. In addition, the anti-water soluble cbdinflammatory products help to keep the skin smooth which in turn creates a more youthful appearance.

It should be noted that other skin cream products also have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory products as well, so CBD is not the only choice in this regard. Water soluble CBD either taken internally or when used with topical products such as CBD face cream offers benefits to the skin. Because it has few, if any real side effects, you can use CBD as part of your daily skin care regimen.