Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief with Hemp Oil

Rheumatoid arthritis pain relief is possible using cannabinoids. arthritis pain relief As we Baby Boomers begins to grey, reports are coming in that their once active life style has taken a toll on joints creating a painful, common joint disease called rheumatoid arthritis. They are seeking viable options rather than using drugs prescribed by their physician.  They are finding there are limits and no cure. The use of cannabinoids or CBD is virtually unknown by three out of four doctors  nor it is not taught in medical schools. In  a recent study done in 2014, it was reported that the most common reason for individuals to use medicinal herbal cannabis in North America is for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.    In Canada, patients are allowed to use various means to treat their pain:
  • Smoking raw cannabis or vaporizng raw cannabis flowers
  • Ingesting cannabinoids in food and tinctures
  • Topical oil rubbed directly onto joints for relief such as CBD oil
  • Mouth sprays
  • Chews by Sensi
If you are fortunate enough to live in California, Colorado, Washington and Oregon, you have a wide variety of options.   These states have advanced medical cannabis economies with more states joining every day.   You my use the site WeedMaps.com to locate physicians and dispensaries in your area. If you are not in any of those states and have no access to the products, you have the option of using the CBD Oil listed on this site. My business partner faithfully uses the oil every day for her rheumatoid arthritis for pain relief.  This allows her to go on with life and  function throughout the day. Before she started with CBD oil, her pain was  over 100.  She placed a small portion of the oil under her tongue, held it for 30  - 60 seconds, rinsed and swallowed with a sip of water.  After she rubbed some of the oil on her joints , the pain went down to 3. You have options other than drugs prescribed by your doctor. There is no reason for you to suffer anymore.  You can obtain rheumatoid arthritis pain relief now.            
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