Relief for Back Pain with Hemp Oil

Finding relief for back pain can be a pain in the neck - or in your case -  a pain in the back. There are all degrees of pain from mild ache, shooting pain, stabbing pain,  radiating pain, or total lack of mobility. relief for back pain The most common causes for this pain, no matter what degree or type can be traced to ruptured disks, herniated disks, osteoporosis, skeleton abnormalities accompanied with tissue and ligament issues.

What Type of Treatment to Use?

Probably the most common, natural treatment is  coconut oil.  Rub into where the pain is located or take with food.   Many  people believe apple cider vinegar is the way to find pain relief.  Taking one to two tablespoons daily allows your body to become more alkaline, thus reducing the acid in your body which causes inflammation. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which is a  natural pain reliever.  This can be found in muscle pain creams.  If you are able, taking a teaspoon in water has been found to help with the pain.  Yoga has been used for some time to loosen the body joints, restore flexibility and build core strength. Acupuncture has had great results when used to target the specific points associated with pain relief.


There is a new kid on the block that provides relief for back pain with hemp oil NATURALLY. relief for back pain My friend, Judy, suffers from a  torqued pelvis which causes extreme pain in her glutamus maximus (largest muscle in the body - her butt area).  She can not move around without crutches.   She says the pain is a seering , sharp debilitating pain.  If she sits too long, the muscles in the front of her legs go into spasms.   Her knees draw up into toward her chest. I sent her a small sample of the Gold Hemp/CBD oil to rub on her back for the pain. She told me that while she was waiting for an appointment,  the spasms started.  She put a little of the hemp oil on her finger tip where the muscles were going into spasm.   The spasms stopped in five minutes and the pain completely went away.  The pain stopped for six hours. She felt that if she could continue with this success, she could get off her crutches.  
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