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Medicinal Marijuana is a Godsend for Angie Weaver and her husband living in Hibbing, Minnesota. Their daughter, Amelia, at 18 months came down with the flu and had her first seizure in her pediatrician's office.  The doctor explained the seizure was caused by the fever and they were to take extra care if she had fevers again.Amelia before Amelia was seizure free until the age of 2 1/2.  She could  walk, talk in sentences, count to twenty and sing the alphabet. Suddenly, late one morning Angie's husband found Amelia seizing in her crib.  Four months went by as the frantic parents were in and out of three different  hospitals looking for relief from the continuous seizures their daughter was now experiencing. Amelia was given over 23 anti-epileptic medications.  The drugs left Amelia sleepy and agitated, damaging her bones and liver.  She has had over one thousand seizures.   She lost her ability to speak, feed herself, and walk.    Mayo Clinic genetically diagnosed Amelia with Dravet Syndrome. Out of desperation, Angie and her husband started an online search to learn how other parents of children with the same syndrome were coping.  They discovered that the other parents were having success with medical marijuana which is high in CBD (Cannabidiol) .  This form of marijuana  does not induce the same psychoactive and physiological effects  as THC. Angie reported on Amelia's Facebook  page that on Friday, July 24th, Amelia received her first dose of medical cannabis.  She had only one short seizure.  Amelia dose Prior to that she was having 30 - 80 drop seizures daily with 1 - 10 Grand Mal seizures.   She needed to be strapped into her wheelchair for safety.  She was only able to sleep 1 - 2 hours every night.  After starting the dosage, she went the entire weekend with only one short seizure and slept five hours each night.   On July 27th, one day later, after not being able to walk without someone holding her,  Amelia was able to walk alone.  She is now focused, is smiling, her body is physically calm and she able to play with toys. On August 6, 2015, Amelia is no longer having seizures all day long.  She is making cognitive gains.  She is able to sleep through the night.  Even though this is a lifetime battle, she will be able to face the challenge seizure free.   She is one happy girl. Her current medication is 20:1 CBD to THC ratio supplied by Leafline using their Cobalt formula.  Minnesota Law allows for medicinal marijuana.  The ratio of CBD to THC is below 1% for the  CBD Oil featured on this site. Amelia - after          
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