Medicinal Marijuana News

Medicinal marijuana news is breaking every day. The Senate just passed a measure which allows Veterans to receive medicinal marijuana. Hemp Leaf Now, the Veteran Equal Access Amendment allows the physicians to recommend medicinal for qualifying patients.  Up to this point, the Veterans Association has been barred even though other federal insurance programs allow medicinal marijuana.  
  Hemp Leaf   Pennsylvania lawmakers are pushing hard to legalize industrial hemp farming.  Several influential backers are supporting this exciting new industry to the state.  Stay tuned.
  Hemp Leaf   Tennessee has allowed industrial hemp production.  The last time this was allowed was sixty years ago.
Hemp Leaf   On July 1, 2015, North Carolina passed the Senate bill with an unanimous vote of 47-0 putting North Carolina one step closer to hemp legalization.  Hemp, Inc.  located in Spring Hope, North Carolina stands poised to start a 70,000 foot facility on nine acres to begin cultivation of the hemp plant as a commercial venture.  Prior to this, only the US government was allowed to grow hemp.  
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