Kids with Autism

Kids with autism exist in one to every sixty-eight children in the U.S.   The majority of prescribed medications do not work.  However, there is hope. In this video, Jennifer Swanson-Collins shares what she is doing to bring normalcy to the lives of her two kids afflicted with  autism using medical marijuana. She is using cannabis oil to treat her children.    This has no psychoactive ingredients and it is not a drug.  It is classified by the government as a phytonutrient or a supplement.  It is made from industrial hemp, not marijuana.  This is legal in all fifty states. Her two children were diagnosed five years ago and she has been trying multiple types of medical intervention.  Some types of treatment have been successful - some not successful.  She has run the full gamut seeking help for her children. She heard about CBD oil and started researching it.  She found it affects their brain, nerves and immune system.  Willie, her son, was nonverbal and injuring himself, scratching himself,  pounding his head, biting himself, biting others.  He would experience melt downs and collapse on the floor, kicking and screaming for hours. Nathan, her other son, has extremely high anxiety and is very, very tense. Since she has started the CBD Oil Treatment, both boys are much calmer.  Their melt downs are less frequent .  There is much less aggression in Willie and he doesn't pound on his head or scratch anymore. Within one week after starting treatment, she noticed his "stimming" or clapping hands  was less severe.    Prior to the CBD Oil Treatment, his hands were raw, bleeding and blistered. Nathan's anxiety dropped after one week of treatment.    He no longer collapses into tears if a piece of paper is torn.  He is able to handle that now. Jennifer has seen substantial improvement in their socialization and sleep patterns.      
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