How Cannabis Oil is Made

The creation of cannabis oil is fascinating as you will find in this video presented by Project       Cannabis oil is considered a potent medicine and this is how it is made.  The whole process starts with the plant instead of a seed.  The plant is propagated from tissue culture which creates tens of thousand plants which are genetically identical.  The miniature plants are potted and then transferred to a greenhouse.  The plants grow at an amazing rate and flourish outdoors.  The plant shown has a high concentration of  CBD or cannabidiol oil with very low THC (high attribute).

Cannabis Processing Protocol

After the plant is dried, it is ground up and poured into CO2 processing extraction  equipment.  Carbon dioxide is used to process the oil minimizing  the risk of residues in the end product.   After several hours of processing the waxy oil is removed.  The golden cannabil oil is a medicinal treasure trove.  The oil is further refined with ethanol to remove the waxes.    The oil is then analyzed for the potency of the oil which will be made into sublingual sprays, capsules and concentrated oils, edibles and topical creams.  
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