Hemp Product Information

It is important that you are provided with accurate hemp product information. We have partnered with HempMeds to bring you the best hemp based products to serve you, your family and animals. The hemp is grown and harvested in climatized, microclimates  where no pollutants of any kind are allowed to contaminate the plant.   The farms are located in hemp friendly countries where chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and solvents are strictly forbidden in the growing of the plants. This is a non GMO product.  The hemp is not certified organic as there is no certification in place at this time.  Perhaps in the future, this may happen. The use of CBD  products is classified as phytonutrients and legal in all 50 states. We offer CBD oil, capsules, and sprays. as well as items for  body and bath .
The hemp oil is much different than the hemp seed oil you find in the grocery store.   The  seeds produce a very potent hemp oil with a high cannabidiol (CBD) . CBD oil is still very controversial to some people.  However, if you do some reading about hemp, you will find that it has been used through the ages for ropes, fabrics, food, and oil.
Strict regulations are required in the processing and extraction of the hemp rich oil which is infused into each product.
Rest assured our parent company,  HempMeds,  diligently follows all federal laws and regulations for production and distribution.

Quality & Safety Testing

I chose Hempmeds ™ products because they have set the standard in quality.  All products are tested at  Pro Verde Laboratories, the top leading laboratory for hemp testing.  This is where the  product are determined to be free of solvents, heavy metals or other potentially harmful materials.  Your safety is paramount.
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