Hemp and Marijuana – What’s the Difference?

 Hemp and Marijuana

ThHemp Leafe difference between hemp and marijuana is simple to explain.  These are two different types of Cannabis stavia, a flowering herb grown throughout the world. Using specific cultivation, the marijuana can be grown to produce high levels of THC (the high portion) of the plant which is located in the flowers and trichomes. The male plants are removed from the crop with only the female flowering plants remaining, which contain the high THC.

Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp is used for its fiber, seed and oil.  It has a minimal amount of THC.  The male and female plants are allowed to co-exist to create sturdy stalks.  For centuries, this product has be used for rope, clothing, sails and paper. Hemp, Inc. has built its decortication facility on 9 acres in a 70,000 square foot facility . It is  poised  to begin production of industrial hemp, as well as medicinal hemp for use through out the United States.  The proposal to decriminalize the medicinal use of Cannabidiol is a very important step for the State of North Carolina.        
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