Epilepsy Treatment for Dravet’s Syndrome with Hemp Oil

An article was recently written about Epilepsy Treatment for Dravet's Syndrome by Benjamin M. Adams for Culture Magazine. Epilepsy treatment In that article, he interviewed the parents of Katelyn Lambert, age three,  who suffered almost 1,400 seizures a day.  They were powerless as the acute epilepsy or Dravet's Syndrome devastated her small, fragile body. Michael Lambert had read about the healing effect on Charlotte Figi using a CBD rich strain of hemp.  Reading about her dramatic recovery from intractable epilepsy prompted Michael to purchase cannabis oil online.  He gave it to her immediately.  After only 24 hours, Michael reported that the seizures dramatically decreased in frequency.  His response was:

"She went from a dribbling jerking mess to a girl who only had a seizure a couple times a month.  The next day, I'm not kidding, you, she just woke up.  It wasn't like she was looking through a storm of noise and static.  She just looked normal.  She stopped jerking.  She got so much better straight away."

Epilepsy treatment

Michael estimated that Katelyn requires 3 grams of Charlotte's Web cannabis a day which cost $12,000.00 a year.

Katelyn's grandparents, Barry and Joy Lambert were so impressed with the miraculous healing of their grand daughter, that they donated $33.7 million to the University of Sydney for the further research of CBD.   To support the research, The Lambert Initiative was created to advance the study of the ten active cannabinoids and their applications.

Epilepsy treatment

The University Vice Chancellor Michael Spence called this donation "game changing".  "This is something that is going to reverberate around the world".

The University plans to make the Lambert Initiative a top priority after seeing the success of Katelyn using  CBD as an epilepsy treatment for Dravet's Syndrome.

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