Epilepsy Seizure Can Be Stopped in Children Using Hemp Oil – CBD

Epilepsy seizures stopped in children using CBD Oil.

Follow the astounding journey of Charotte and Zaki's.   Dr. Schackelford has never experienced anything like this in his thirty years of practicing medicine.    Charlotte was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, static seizures which can last thirty minutes.  Charlotte experienced these epileptic seizures  for two and one years.    Some of the seizures were two hours long.  Some were four hours long.  A few times, her heart stopped while using medically prescribed drugs.  CPR was required to bring her back. The attending physician pulled the last medication and announced to the mother  they had reached the end of the line.  There were no more options available for treatment.  He essentially washed his hands of the situation.  He was at a loss of how to treat her. After extensive research online, the parents decided to treat their daughter with medicinal marijuana for the epileptic seizures.  After nine months of treatment, there has been a 99% seizure reduction.  Prior to the treatment, she was unable to walk, talk, eat and participate in life.  She was catatonic. The parents met marijuana plant grower, Josh Stanley.  He developed a plant after two years of  pollination and cross pollination which  has  .05 THC and 17% cannabidiol. or CBD.  The CBD oil on this site contains .45% to .65%  THC,  well within the range allowed by law.  He named the new product after Charlotte and it is now called Charlotte's Web.   There is absolutely no psychoacitve ingredients in this. Today, Charlotte is a vibrant child who is able to embrace life.  She has her life back.
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