Enlarged Thyroid and How It was Treated with Hemp Oil – CBD

Here is a video about the treatment of an enlarged thyroid with CBD oil.

  Lindsey Rodgers explains her journey on self treatment of her thyroid and the masses surrounding it.    She shows the "before" and "after" photos after treating her thyroid with CBD oil after one week.   The swelling has substantially decreased.  Her ability to swallow has greatly improved. Prior to the treatment one week ago, her ability to swallow was greatly restricted.  She was seriously considering removal of the thyroid.  Now she is treating herself by rubbing the thyroid with CBD oil and swallowing  1/2 a gram every evening mixed with honey.    She is not being choked as much.   There are six masses surrounding her thyroid.  She does not do well with medications and refuses to take medication the rest of her life. She plans to continue taking the oil.  She is also planning to start an iodine treatment.  
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