Electromagnetic Radiation

My Testimonial about Electromagnetic Radiation

My business partner and I are both highly sensitive to electromagnetic radiation,  WiFi, Smart Meters , cell phones and Bluetooth emissions.  The  constant electricity shattering the air waves and coming up through the ground was torture. EMFI experienced heart palpitations, nausea, sweating, weakness, earaches, tinnitus, and raised blood pressure.

It felt as if someone was sticking sharp needles into my toes, fingers and head.   Also, I felt like my cells were jumping out of my body.  No amount of homeopathic drops or pills  could stop this feeling.  The pain was the worst at night when my body was supposed to be recuperating from the day.

I spent my time on the Internet trying to find something that would help with the electromagnetic radiation.  Then, I read an  article written by Dr. Rima  who believed there was a definite connection with EMF resolution using hemp oil.

I decided to see if  using hemp oil would help.  Guess what? It did!   After using the hemp oil for less than six weeks, the shooting pains in my body have almost stopped. You can't imagine what a relief it is to have sound sleep without waking up several times during the night being zapped with electricity. Now, life has improved considerably.   I am able to get a full night of sleep. I have a daily routine of CBD/hemp oil in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon and then right before bed. I am happy to report that life looks much better when I'm not being constantly bombarded with electromagnetic radiation. Life  is now worth living. It is possible for you, too, to obtain a good night sleep with CBD/hemp oil.        
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