Chemotherapy Nausea Relief Using CBD Oil

Chemotherapy nausea relief is available using CBD oil.  Watch what this mother has to say about CBD oil (RSHO)  and the effect it had on her daughter, Daliah,  who was going through chemotherapy treatment for a brain tumor. Three hours after Daliah had her first treatment of CBD Oil from Real Scientific Hemp Oil, she fell asleep and was able to sleep through the night. This was the first time she had been able to have a full night's sleep in her entire life.  Her daughter woke up the next morning in a great mood, was extremely hungry and ate several cheese sticks, fruit snacks, two waffles and cereal. Daliah was still hungry after the sixth round of chemo treatment was started at the hospital.   There was no nausea with the treatment and Daliah still had her appetite.  Her mother did not give her the appetite stimulant medication nor did she give her morphine.     After twenty three days of treatment with CBD Hemp Oil by RSHO,  the news is good. The MRI showed the cancerous tumor has not grown.  Potentially, the tumor  may stay in her brain forever and is in an  inoperable location.   According to their attending physician, there is no way to know whether or not the cancer will remain localized.  Daliah will need to be monitored the rest of her life. However, this mother feels that by using the RSHO, it is assisting Daliah to heal naturally by providing the nutrients her body needs along with the quality sleep.  In short, it is comforting to know  this product is something she can be give her daughter forever with proven health benefits. One of this mother's fears is contemplating  the cancer cells could be hiding out and could potentially invade the two shunts now implanted into Daliah making it even harder for detection. For the moment, she is happy her daughter is alive, still breathing, still eating better and still able to sleep through the night.   She is hopeful her daughter's body will be able to heal itself from all the hospitalizations, the operations, the scars, the traumas, and the cancer treatments. It is her wish that the long term benefits  of CBD OIL  - RSHO  continue to be as effective as the short term benefits.      
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