CBD Benefits for Skin

CBD Benefits for Skin

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water soluble cbdCanoboidoil (CBD) increased in popularity over the last ten years. States with laws legalizing medical and recreational marijuana now sell CBD in convenience stores and drug stores CBD is a chemical found in cannabis that doesn’t have any psychoactive ingredients such as THC. It’s becoming more used and accepted in health concerns ranging from mental health to physical pain to epilepsies. So what’s the deal with CBD in skincare? Let’s see.

What is CBD?
First, let’s talk about CBD. It’s a non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana chemically known as cannabidiol. Ingredients like CBD, hemp oil, olive oil, coconut oil are typically combined to produce CBD oil. Sometimes it’s used in sleep aids and as an anti-anxiety. More medically used associations are with skincare products. Commonly used in various skin and body health routines, CBD oil increases in popularity. Why is it all of the rage? It’s natural with multiple health benefits. CBD also contains little to no THC content and doesn’t have the intoxicating effect of well-known marijuana. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of CBD.

CBD and Acne
CBD is considered a possible acne treatment. Acne is an inflammatory skin condition of the face, back, and other areas. Dermatologists and skin-care enthusiasts alike promote CBD for acne treatment. The anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling and redness. These common side-effects of acne are often uncomfortable. Typical skin-care products can lead to dry skin and more irritation. CBD oil acts both as an antiinflammatory and skin softener as an enhanced acne treatment. It also reduces sebum, or oil, secretion from the skin. Acne-prone skin is often associated with oily skin worsening the condition. Beyond acne, CBD oil relieves other common skin irritations. Here’s another:

Eczema is an autoimmune condition commonly associated with dry or irritated skin. It reddens skin and is often caused by cell multiplication. It doesn’t have a cure, but dermatologists continue seeking treatment options. One such possibility is CBD. We already talked about the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, which plays a role in eczema treatment. Perhaps less researched, it slows down cell division, which eases outbreaks. CBD oil also has soothing properties that can calm eczema-prone skin, alleviate redness, and soften dryness.

water soluble cbd Moisturizer
CBD oil has soothing properties that enhance these already valuable benefits mentioned above. It has calming properties for overly active skin. This means it reduces redness, swelling, and dryness. It’s not uncommon to find coconut oil and CBD oil in one product. They are both softening for the skin, and together, they create a powerful force of soothing. CBD is high in omega-3-6 ratios, which are essential fatty acids beneficial to skin, hair, and nail health. Some sources say that it contributes to oil production in dry skin and keeps the skin hydrated. Are you looking for a natural moisturizer to ease dry skin? Try CBD oil and avoid the irritations of chemical products.

We are all familiar with the tell-tale signs of aging–wrinkles, skin, and dryness. Well, CBD oil may be the next big thing in anti-aging. Its topical application fights free radicals that are damaging to skin health. The combination of omega 3-6 ratios and antioxidants enhance anti-aging properties by alleviating dry skin. Furthermore, it’s all-natural and sourced from a plant. This creates a useful application for the skin. Chemicals are often used to prevent aging, but they can be destructive. As a bonus, CBD oil is known to help prevent UV ray exposure. Keep your skin healthy and fresh with this sun protection. So, consider this natural substance the next time you shop for anti-aging products.

Bacteria and infection often cause acne and inflammation. We have seen CBD oil fight these frustrating irritations of the skin. The anti-bacterial properties are still being researched and developed, but so far, it’s showing promise. These breakthroughs can change the wat we see skincare and anti-bacterial products. It has the potential to bring a new, natural prospect on an industry dominated by chemicals. These sound great, right? Research in dermatology continues to change and evolve. Stay tuned for the latest updates in CBD skincare. Let’s take a look at a final benefit.

water soluble cbdAnti-inflammatory
As mentioned, CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties like a reduction in swelling and redness. But why? The richness of vitamin E, antioxidants, and omegas have multiple health benefits. These nutrients enhance the protection of the skin. Your skin will last longer and feel healthier with adequate care. CBD oil treats flares on the surface. It calms and relieves itchy, dry skin. Great benefits, right? These are all results of anti-inflammatory properties. Use-cases include acne and eczema, not to mention other health concerns associated with inflammation.

Are you convinced that CBD benefits for the skin are worth it? They create a natural product to battle inflammation, pain, redness, and other common skin issues. So, consider trying CBD oil to relieve your skin irritation and more. Also, speak with your dermatologist today to start learning about alternatives to your existing routines.