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Cannabis news is presented by Journalist Ben Swann as he takes a journey into the World of Cannabis (CBD oil).   As Ben learned, there is more than the high from the THC.  There is an undiscovered healing aspect of the Cannabidiol oil that is now saving lives.  He take an in-depth study of what is happening in this newly discovered natural healing plant.  He learns from the Stanley brothers in Colorado how they created a specific plant without the high THC.  Originally, it was intended to treat cancer patients, but it ended up saving the life of a to treat a little girl who suffered over 300 seizures. Unfortunately, research has to be done secretly for fear the government will come in and arrest them for testing a substance branded as illegal and confiscate their equipment.   Cannabis is considered a Schedule One Drug and branded with a high rate of addiction.  This s not true.  In reality, the addiction is lower than alcohol and cigarettes.   That ranking also means it has no medicinal purpose whatsoever.  However, in 1999, the Department of Health and Human Services filed and obtained two different patents for Cannabis as medicine and specifically on CBD oil for the treatment of Crohn's disease, cancer, epilepsy, and Alzheimer. The government continues to lock people up for the use of a treatment for their own body.  This involves not only a legal issue but a moral issue as well.  How can the government claim this plant is dangerous yet hold a patent for the treatment of diseases.  And now we find in our research for Cannabis news, the government is leasing that information out to pharmaceutical companies. Clearly, there is a legal and moral issue which needs to be resolved.          
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