My Alternative Healing Modalities

I am passionate about alternative healing modalities and that is why I created this page.  I've tried dozens of gizmos, "thing-a-majigs", lotions, potions and swills. Alternative health Some of them worked - most of them didn't.  But the ones that came to the top of the heap and stayed there are what matters. Here is a list of alternative healing modalities - lotions - potions and swill that DID work for me.  Perhaps they will work for you as well:   SOUND:  As I sit here writing this page, I am listening to the Open Door by Michael S. Tyrrell.   I am using the music frequency of 397HZ which gives me a sense of peace, well being and openness to receive from God when listening. According to Michael Tyrell,

"This frequency has an amazing side effect: defense mechanisms are arrested and feelings of fear, guilt and shame subside.   On a physiological level, this frequency has a positive effect on blood, liver function, bones brain and kidney."

SMELL: I spray my room with a fine mist of frankincense and myrrh oil to create a comforting feeling - plus it just plain smells good. lightening storm 3 EMF FREQUENCIES:  I am allergic to EMF (electromagnetic frequencies).  When I am exposed to this unseen evil, I can't think, my brain is scrambled, I stutter, I have heart palpitations, I become nauseous and I'm all around miserable.  To combat this nemesis, I do the following: My home is packed with oletic limestone rocks, they are in my purse, at my office, in my car.  The porous nature of the rocks breaks up the frequencies and I am protected.  You may find this product at Home Depot and Ace Hardware under the name of odor elimination. I bought 12 packages at Home Depot for about $3.00 each.  What a bargain to keep me healthy.      

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