Alternative Healing for Pets with Hemp Oil – CBD

Dr. Becker Interviews Dr. Silver about alternative healing for pets with hemp oil - CBD.

Dr. Silver has been practicing since 1982 and only recently sold his practice.  He is now focused on educating veterinarians about holistic medicine and the use of CBD.

Out of frustration, he started working with adjustments to diets for chronic ailments which didn't respond to "normal" medications.    He searched out other modalities and courses.  Then, he started uses herbs and applied it to his patients.  In 1996, he started creating herbs for his patients and shared it with other vets who are like minded in this area. Since 2000 in Colorado, marijuana has been available to people.  Parents to his patients informed him they were treating their ailing animal with hemp - sometimes with good results and sometime not so good. It makes it illegal for a veterinarian to prescribe the marijuana because of the THC content.  However, when he realized he was not knowledgeable enough in this area to provide sound advice to his clients, he begin doing research to discover what had already been done in laboratories.  He is currently creating an e-book about the research he has found. Treatment for pain for the dogs and cats and epilepsy now appears that the use of CBD is extremely beneficial.  The specific doses are being refined and will be published shortly in his research and e-book.          
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