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Chemotherapy Nausea Relief Using CBD Oil

Chemotherapy nausea relief is available using CBD oil.  Watch what this mother has to say about CBD oil (RSHO)  and the effect it had on her daughter, Daliah,  who was going through chemotherapy treatment for a brain tumor. Three hours

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Relief for Back Pain with Hemp Oil

Finding relief for back pain can be a pain in the neck – or in your case –  a pain in the back. There are all degrees of pain from mild ache, shooting pain, stabbing pain,  radiating pain, or total

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Leukemia Treatment for Child

Here is one mother’s story of how she discovered a leukemia treatment for her child using CBD. In 2012, three year old Landon Riddle developed a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes one night. Originally, the doctors thought he had

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How Cannabis Oil is Made

The creation of cannabis oil is fascinating as you will find in this video presented by Project       Cannabis oil is considered a potent medicine and this is how it is made.  The whole process starts with

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